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When it comes to household appliances, you expect them to break at some point. This is just something that happens the more appliances get used and the older they become. Even the best brands, have a lifespan, you can buy the most expensive appliance on the market, but at some point it will eventually die. And when it does, your faced with a choice, do you hire an appliance repair company to fix it? Or do you replace it? The answer to this will depend on a number of factors including:


  • How old the appliance is and whether it is coming to the end of its lifespan.
  • What the appliance problem is.
  • The costs of an appliance repair service and materials.
  • The price it would cost to replace the appliance with a new one.

Appliance repair or Appliance replace?

If the average lifespan of your appliance is only 15 years and you know the appliance is only a year old, then it would be worth fixing it. However, if the appliance was coming to the end of its lifespan anyway, it may not be worth it. Familiarise yourself with the appliance lifespans below to help you make this judgement call.

Equally, if the problem with your appliance is a common problem that is easy to fix, it could be much cheaper and quicker for you to hire an appliance repair Birmingham company. The appliances around your home will all suffer from common problems at some point. By understanding what these problems are, it makes it easier for you to decide whether you need a repair or replacement. See the common appliance problems below.

Finally, if buying a replacement appliance is going to cost the same (or not much more) than a fix, it might be worthwhile looking for a new one. Have a look at what it would cost to replace the appliance to find out how much you will be saving by having yours repaired.


Appliance lifespans

How long your appliance will last very much depends on what appliance it is. Of course, some brands are ‘better made’ than others, but ultimately, its lifespan depends on how well maintained you keep it. Look after your appliance and you’ll find it lasts much longer.

  • Refrigerators and freezers: the lifespan will depend on what fridge/freezer you have. A one-door refrigerator only will last the longest, at about 19 years. Fridges with a smaller freezer compartment will last about 17 years, whereas units that are half fridge and half freezer, will only last about 14 years as they need to work harder to keep cooler.
  • Microwaves: generally last about 8-10 years.
  • Washing machines: the washing machine lifespan is usually about 10-14 years.
  • Tumble dryers: not too dissimilar to washing machines, their lifespan is usually between 10 and 13 years, due to the heating elements being a little more fragile.
  • Dishwashers: average lifespan is 9 years, but some case last 10– 13 years.

Remember, this doesn’t mean more expensive appliances are better and will last longer. Often the higher price tag is because the appliance has more features or more technologies built in, and when there are more features, there are more things to go wrong. Also, if you do not properly clean and maintain your appliance, it certainly won’t last as long as it could have done.

When you think about whether to fix or replace your appliance take a look at the list above and see how long you expect it to last for. If it’s nearly at the end of its life, it might be worthwhile replacing it.


Common appliance problems

What are the most common appliance problems? See the list below to find the most common, easy-to-resolve issues:

  • Refrigerators and freezers: the most common fridge and freezer problems include door seals that are faulty or not sealing, faulty thermostats, insulation failure or a ice bubbles caused by a blockage in the gas system.
  • Microwaves: usual issues include the microwave not heating, running and then stopping, plate not spinning, the light-bulb not lighting or sparking inside the microwave.
  • Washing machines: problems with the washing machine can range from it not filling with water, the drum not turning, becoming noisy, not spinning, stopping mid-cycle, to the door not opening. Most of these are easily fixed.
  • Tumble dryers: common problems include the dryer not starting, not heating, the drum not turning, water leaks and bad smells.
  • Dishwashers: from dishes not getting clean, to the dishwasher not starting, not filling up or keeps filling up, water not draining or leaking, or the dishwasher making noise.

Typical appliance repair costs

The cost for your repair will depend not only on where you live, but what the appliance and the problem is, how long it will take to fix and the costs of any materials.

  • Refrigerators and freezers: for simpler problems, such as new door seals or gaskets or a new thermostat, it would will cost between £80 and £100.
  • Washing machine and tumble dryers: Jobs that can be completed within the hour range tend to range between £70 and £120 for things like changing door seals, motor brushes and pumps, but a new motor will cost more than double that price.
  • Dishwashers: a new pump will cost approximately £100, whereas new heating element is slightly more expensive at £140, a new motor on the other hand, can cost more than £200.

Appliance repair Birmingham

If your appliance has broken and you cannot determine what the problem is, or do not know how to fix it, call an appliance repair Birmingham company for help. Most appliance repair companies will be able to give you an idea what the problem might be and how much it would cost to fix it. They will come to your property to take a look at the appliance, usually for free, if they are not able to diagnose the problem over the phone. They should also be able to provide all materials needed to complete the repair and an accurate quote as to how much the repair will cost in total (including materials and labour). And some appliance repair Birmingham companies, like Oven Repairs R Us, can even supply you with a replacement appliance if yours can’t be fixed, installing this for you and removing and disposing of your old appliance. This complete package really makes it easy to replace those appliances that can’t be saved.

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