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Grill Heating Element (4016) 2600W


When you have a problem with your grill heating up, the first thing you should try is replacing the heating element.  Heating elements are a common problem with grills, however, they are also easy and quick to replace.  This 2600watts grill heating element is a replacement element for a number of different grills, however, you do need to check the list below to make sure this element will fit your grill specifically.

SKU: 4016 Category:
  • Also Known As: Top Element, Upper Element
  • 2600 watts
  • Height: 325 (mm)
  • Width: 320 (mm)
  • Tags: 55/25 (mm)
  • Brackets: 100 (mm)
  • Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purposes only
  • These parts are in no way associated with the original manufacturer’s parts

Postage to mainland UK addresses at £2.95. (mailed 1st Class upon receipt of payment) with courier or Royal mail (Still to be decided on Courier)

Payment methods accepted include Paypal.

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