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Drain Pump (Askoll) 5 Reasons for buying this Amazing Self Unblocking Technology

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Washing Machine Drain Pump - Washing Machine Spares - Washing Machine Universal Drain Pump

Universal Washing Machine Drain Pump

Universal Askoll Washing Machine Drain Pump

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Universal Drain Pump

Fitted to washing machines
Suitable for most washing machines. We at OvenRepairsR’Us are constantly looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact. Online shopping is inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional retailing. The efficiencies of online shopping result in a greener shopping experience than traditional retailing.

Will This Part Fit My Appliance?

This is a universal part – please check details / specifications for suitability with your model.
What is the purpose of a Washing Machine Drain Pump?

The drain pump is an electric motor usually fitted inside the base of your Washing Machine. Once your washing machine has completed the washing process the drain pump is activated from the appliance programmer.

This in turn switches on the pump to drain away the dirty soiled water from washing your clothes.

The next part of the washing machine cycle is rinse the clothes. The machine will fill and rotate around 3-5 times, using the pump to pump out the soiled water each time. On the final rinse a softener can be added. this is usually added at the beginning of the cycle and added to the final rinse automatically. The final rinse is followed by the Final spin cycle, where again the washing machine pump is called into action, running constantly throughout the final spin

Occasionally the pump may malfunction. This could be for many reasons. Below are a list of reasons for failure.
1. Using too much detergent at the start causing too many suds.
2. leaving items in your garment pockets such as coins, screws, credit cards etc etc – the list is endless.
3. Kinking the drain pipe when installing your machine.
4. Foreign objects getting inside pump and damaging the impeller
5. Wear and tear, eventually the pump will fail.

Often the pump may still be functioning but at reduced affect due to loose impeller, blockages etc. The pump is protected often with a filter housing which you can remove to clean away foreign objects such as described earlier, coins screws socks,etc etc.

Check our tutorial video below on how to replace a washing machine drain pump.

This Askoll washing machine drain pump is a universal. It will fit many washing machines and some dishwashers

My video will give you a general guide on how to fit this part. The fitting/installing will differ slightly depending on the make and model of your appliance.

2 reviews for Drain Pump (Askoll) 5 Reasons for buying this Amazing Self Unblocking Technology

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