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An average electric oven or cooker will last for about 10-15 years before it needs replacing. Over the years, things will go wrong and your oven may even stop working. For help repairing oven and cooker problems, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the most common problems. This will help you to troubleshoot and potentially find and fix the problem yourself. Read through this helpful information from a specialist oven repairs Birmingham company.

Remember, if your oven is gas, you will need to call a specialist. It is unsafe for you to try to make any repairs yourself. If you are doing minor repairs or cleaning, for safety make sure you turn off the cooker and the gas supply first.

Before trying to make any repairs to an electric oven, make sure it is disconnected from the power supply first.

What are the most common cooker problems?

Here is a list of the common cooker problems people experience:

  1. Oven won’t heat
  2. Oven won’t heat to the correct temperature
  3. Range burner isn’t heating
  4. Gas burners not lighting
  5. Self-cleaning oven won’t self-clean
  6. Door to the oven won’t shut
  7. Interior light has gone

Fortunately, each of these problems is easy to diagnose, and both quick and easy to repair.


Help repairing oven problems:

Oven won’t heat

If you experience problems with your gas oven heating you should call a professional right away. It is not safe for you to try to fix this yourself.
If you own an electric oven, however, you might be able to fix this problem yourself. Usually if an electric oven won’t heat, there’s a good chance there is a problem with the heating element. This is one of the most common cooker problems. To replace the heating element yourself you first need to turn off the power to the oven. Locate the heating element inside your oven and use a screwdriver to remove it. If it looks damaged, you should replace it with a new heating element.
If you cannot find your heating element, or it is hidden in the design of your oven, you will need to call a professional.

Oven won’t heat to the correct temperature

If your electric oven is heating, but not to the correct temperature, you may have a problem with the heating element or temperature sensor. The first thing you should check is the heating element using the procedure above. If your heating element seems to be working fine, then you need to check your temperature sensor. First, check the location of your temperature sensor and make sure it is not touching the inside wall of the oven. Next, use an ohmmeter to check that the sensor is functioning, you should find more resistance as the temperature increases. If it isn’t working, it will need replacing and the oven will have to be re-calibrated.

Range burner isn’t heating

If you have an electric cooker your range burners will need electricity to heat up. Sometimes your range burners can become faulty or broken, in which case they will need to be replaced.
To check this, get one of your range burners that you know works, and replace it with the one that isn’t working. If it starts to heat up the problem is with your burner, and you need to replace it. If it still doesn’t heat up the problem may be with the socket or infinite switch. You can check the socket to see if it looks damaged or burned, if it doesn’t then you may need to replace the infinite switch.

Gas burners not lighting

A common problem with gas burners is the ignition not working and the burner not lighting.

  1. The first step is to check that the gas is flowing fine.
  2. Next, take the burner apart. Remove the burner grate, cap and base.
  3. Clean the burner, remove all food and debris using a toothpick, toothbrush or compressed air. Also clean the grate, cap and base.
  4. Find the control module and check that the wires connecting the igniter to it are not loose. If they are, you can tighten them up.

If none of this works, there is a good chance your igniter is broken. The good news is, you can buy the part and replace this yourself, or as a professional oven repairs Birmingham company to help.

Self-cleaning oven won’t self-clean

You chose your oven because of its wonderful self-cleaning function and now it won’t self-clean. Unfortunately, unless this is human error you might need to call a repair service in. First, make sure you are setting the cycle correctly, that all knobs are in their correct position. If you do this and you still experience problems, then it is likely there’s an issue with one of the components. You should call an oven repairs Birmingham company to check the thermostat, control board, door lock and motor and other cooker components.

Door to the oven won’t shut

If your oven door doesn’t shut, you cannot use it, is unsafe. Here are some simple things you can do and check to get your oven door to shut:
Look at the door springs to make sure they are not broken. To find these take out the bottom drawer and look under the oven. If they are broken, remove them with pliers, install new springs and re-wrap the ends around the bolts.

  • Look at the door hinges, check they are working okay.
  • Check, or even replace, the rubber gasket/silicone around the door
  • If none of this works you will need to call a professional, the door sensor may need replacing, or there may be another problem.

Help from an oven repairs Birmingham company

While it is possible for you to diagnose and repair your oven yourself, we appreciate that you might not want to do this. You may not have the time, you might be unsure as to where to buy the parts, or you might not have the skill set required. If this is the case, you should call a specialist oven repairs Birmingham company for help. Most companies will even provide a no call out charge, if they cannot fix your oven for you, you won’t pay a penny.
To contact Oven RepairsRUs and discuss your oven or cooker problem, click here

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