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Fan Oven Heating Element 2100W (9326)


Electric Fan Element


SKU: 9326 Category:

Fan Electric Ovens are heated using an element. These elements come in all shapes and sizes.
Elements are categorized by name depending where they are fitted to the oven. These are Grill Base Side Fan to name a few. Elements heat to a preset temperature controlled by the user setting the thermostat to the desired level. Over time these elements fail through use. Often they will become open circuit (Burn Out). They will no longer produce any heat once this happens. They will need replacing with a new element.

Circular Elements are very common in modern fan assisted ovens. They are usually located behind the removal back wall cover plate wall of the oven with a fan motor fitted centrally.

Grill Elements are also very common and located high up inside the oven cavity ceiling.

Base elements are in most cases not visible looking inside the oven as they are hidden under the oven base.

All elements have a wattage rating. Common examples are 1800watts 2500watts etc etc.

  • Also known as: Fan Heater, Fan Resistor, Circular Element, Turbo Element, Main Oven Element, Round Element
  • 2 Turns
  • 2100 watts
  • Height: 230 (mm)
  • Width 206 mm
  • Tags: 24 mm
  • Bracket: 70 mm
  • Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purposes only
  • These parts are in no way associated with the original manufacturer’s parts

Postage to mainland UK addresses at £2.95. (mailed 1st Class upon receipt of payment) with courier or Royal mail (Still to be decided on Courier)

Payment methods accepted include Paypal.

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