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Fan Oven Heating Element (9664) 1600W


Oven not heating correctly?  This could be the fix your oven needs. This circular 2500watt element is responsible for heating the oven cavity to the correct temperature and could fix problems with your oven not heating, or blowing out cold air.  See a full list of brands this replacement fan oven element fits below.

SKU: 9664 Category:
  • Also known as: Fan Heater, Fan Resistor, Circular Element, Turbo Element, Main Oven Element, Round Element
  • 2 Turns
  • 1600 watts
  • Height: 189 (mm)
  • Width 159 mm
  • Tags: 24 mm
  • Brackets: 70 mm
  • Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purposes only
  • These parts are in no way associated with the original manufacturer’s parts

Postage to mainland UK addresses at £2.95. (mailed 1st Class upon receipt of payment) with courier or Royal mail (Still to be decided on Courier)

Payment methods accepted include Paypal.

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CC9634S, BOP658A13BG, EI637E21WK2, BOP647A35BG, KK67128AW, EI88121AW, BO617E17W, BO87-ORA-W, VT503MW, BO658A41XG, EITF8647X, EIT6352WD, BO758A33XG, BO737TXOT, BO747A47XG, BOPE659IX, ESK6020BR ESK, VT427BX, BOP637ST, BO87ORAXUK, EC637E20WKV, VT537BX, BOP637E11XA, BO8750AX, B2O737E24X, VT547AB, BOP637E301X, BO737E30X, KEC67344AXG, BO658A31WG, BC637E21XG, BO637ST, BO72SY2W GOR, PF8265WIT, BCPI637TXOT, EIC67502W, E617E10WKF, BO87ORAWUK, VT548MX, EC88121AW, BO7345RW, BC637E37X-2, EC88552AX, BO636E20X, BCI637E301X, EC617E10XKV-2, EC647A43XV, K67221AW1, BO658ORAB, BO647A41XG, EC67337AWG, BO87ORAB, EI88552AW, KEC6151WPG, BOP4637X, K67120AX, BO617E11X, VT523MX, K868AW6, KC67433BX, VT528MX, BOE637X, PF8221RVS, C818AI, HBO730X, OKB9123CMGW, BOP4637B, EIT9647W, BOE659IX, CI96648S–400V, BO637E12XG, OVP436RVS, BC636S, BCPI637E301XG, VT568 MX, BO87ORAX, B1O736E11X, VT546AB, OKB9133CEW, BCPI637E10XK, ECS7615W, BO75SY2W, O6105W, BO637E24X, BOP647A12XG, BO636E20XG, OP8611A, BO758ST, BO647A33BG, EC66103AW, FHKP6200W SIB, BO9950AX GOR, BO7732CLB, BO637ORAB, VT446AB, BO637E13XK, EC647A21WV, BC6306ZX, K627E112WKC, BO7349RBR, BO74SYB, BO727E10X, CI9672S, EC67221AW, BO658ORAW, BCP637E113X, BOE738X, EC627E112WKV, VT527GX, EC637E34WV, VT423GX, BO647A20WG-M, BC737E31XG-2, OVM526MAT, PF8201RVSA, EC637E111XKV, ES5080IN, CC96264S, BLG7327IX, BO72SY2B GOR, BOP7558AX, E67106BW, KS7615W, ECE97817X, BO717ORAB, K63INB, VT548AX, BO617ST, BO637E30X, KBO637E10X, BO71-ORA-W, CC9644W, VT558BC, K6351XF, BC637E11X, KE6151WPM, BOP637E14XG, BO758ORAB, BO68X, OP6307S, VT536MX, EI5900NW, BC973X, OKB791CEN, BCP637E301X, VT536AW, BO617E11XA, BO717ORAW, VT536GX, EC8617XB, EC6100NW, EC637RW, OVM516RVS, BO737E36XG-2, EC6352XA, BOP637E20XG, BI5221PX, EIT67421AW3, K6351WF, EC67320BX, BO747A33XG, BO658A42XG, BOP637E11X, EC63INB, K617E14WKD, OP6308S, K637E10XKE, EC6352WPA, KEC67120AW, BCI737E31XG-2, O6307W, 443E BO87ORAX GOR, VT538AX, BO637E24WG, HO-KT60E, EC617E10XKV, BO637E14W, EI88552AX, BO617ORAB, KE67120AW, 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