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Grill Heating Element 2300W(9667)


Grill Heating Element 2300W(9667) To fix problems with your grill heating to the right temperature, the first thing you should try is replacing the heating element.  This is a replacement heating element 2300watts that fits a wide range of makes and models, to see if this will fit your grill, see the list of compatible makes and models below.

SKU: 9667 Category:
  • Also Known As: Top Element, Upper Element
  • 2300 watts
  • Height: 375 (mm)
  • Width 368 (mm)
  • Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purposes only
  • These parts are in no way associated with the original manufacturer’s parts

Postage to mainland UK addresses at £2.95. (mailed 1st Class upon receipt of payment) with courier or Royal mail (Still to be decided on Courier)

Payment methods accepted include Paypal.

Siemens/Bosch Models:
HB131250B/01, HB131250B/02, HB131250B/03, HB131550B/01, HB131550B/02, HB131650B/01, HB131650B/02, HB131650B/03, HB13AB523B/01, HB13AB523B/02, HB13AB523B/03, HB13AB523B/04, HB13AB622B/01, HB13AB622B/02, HB13AB622B/03, HB13AB622B/04, HB151550B/01, HB151550B/02, HB151550B/03, HB151650B/01, HB151650B/02, HB151650B/03, HB43AB521B/01, HB43AB521B/02, HB43AB521B/03, HB43AB521B/04, HB43AB550B/07, HB43AB550B/35, HB43AB550B/45, HB43AB550B/56, HB530250B/01, HB530250B/02, HB530550B/01, HB530650B/01, HB530750B/01, HB550550B/01, HB550550B/02, HB550650B/01, HB550650B/02, HB55AB550B/01, HB55AB550B/10, HB55L550B/01, HB55LB550B/01, HB55LB550B/02, HB55LB550B/10, HB55R550B/01, HB55RB550B/01, HB55RB550B/02, HB55RB550B/10, HB560550B/01, HB560550B/02, HB560650B/01, HB560650B/02, HB560650B/03, HB560750B/01, HB560750B/02, HB564550B/01, HB56L550B/01, HB56L550B/02, HB56L550B/03, HB56L750B/01, HB56R550B/01, HB56R550B/02, HB56R550B/03, HB570560B/01, Bosch HBA13B222B/01, HBA13B222B/02, HBA13B222B/03, HBA13B222B/04, HBA13B253B/01, HBA13B253B/02, HBA13B253B/03, HBA13B253B/04, HBA13B262B/01, HBA13B262B/02, HBA13B262B/03, HBA13B262B/04, HBA13B350B/01, HBA13B350B/04, HBA13B350B/07, HBA13B550B/07, HBA13B550B/35, HBA43B251B/01, HBA43B251B/02, HBA43B251B/03, HBA43B251B/04, HBA43B261B/01, HBA43B261B/02, HBA43B261B/03, HBA43B261B/04, HBA43B350B/01, HBA43B350B/04, HBA43B350B/07, HBA53B520B/01, HBA53B520B/04, HBA53B520B/07, HBA53B520B/35, HBA53B550B/01, HBA53B550B/04, HBA53B550B/07, HBA53B550B/35, HBA53B560B/01, HBA53B560B/04, HBA53B560B/07, HBA53B560B/35, HBA541550A/01, HBA541550A/06, HBA541550A/07, HBA541550A/35, HBA56B520B/01, HBA56B520B/08, HBA56B520B/10, HBA56B520B/13, HBA56B550B/01, HBA56B550B/08, HBA56B550B/10, HBA56B550B/13, HBA56B550B/35, HBA56B560B/01, HBA56B560B/08, HBA56B560B/10, HBA56B560B/13, HBA58B650B/01, HBA58B650B/08, HBA58B650B/10, HBA58B650B/13, HBA58B950B/01, HBA58B950B/08, HBA58B950B/10, HBA58B950B/13, HBB43D250B/01, HBB43D250B/04, HBB43D250B/07, HBG53B550B/01, HBG53B550B/35, HBG53R520B/35, HBG53R520B/45, HBG53R520B/55, HBG53R550B/35, HBG53R550B/45, HBG53R550B/56, HBG53R560B/35, HBG53R560B/45, HBG53R560B/55, HBL43B250B/01, HBL43B250B/02, HBL43B250B/04, HBL43B250B/07, HBL43B250B/35, HBL43B250B/45, HBN131520B/03, HBN131520B/04, HBN131521B/01, HBN131521B/02, HBN131550B/02, HBN131551B/01, HBN131551B/02, HBN131560B/02, HBN131560B/03, HBN131561B/01, HBN131561B/02, HBN134550B/01, HBN136551B/01, HBN136551B/02, HBN430520B/01, HBN430520B/02, HBN430520B/03, HBN430521B/01, HBN430550B/01, HBN430550B/02, HBN430551B/01, HBN430560B/01, HBN430560B/02, HBN430560B/03, HBN430561B/01, HBN430570B/01, HBN430570B/02, HBN434550B/01, HBN436551B/01, HBN43L550B/01, HBN43L550B/02, HBN43L551B/01, HBN43L570B/01, HBN43R550B/01, HBN43R550B/02, HBN43R551B/01, HBN560520B/01, HBN560520B/02, HBN560520B/03, HBN560550A/01, HBN560550A/02, HBN560550B/01, HBN560550B/02, HBN560550B/03, HBN560551B/01, HBN560560B/01, HBN560560B/02, HBN560560B/03, HBN560560B/04, HBN560561B/01, HBN560570B/01, HBN560570B/02, HBN560570B/03, HBN580650B/01, HBN580651B/01, HBN580660B/01, HBN580660B/02, HBN580670B/01, HBR43B250B/01, HBR43B250B/02, HBR43B250B/04, HBR43B250B/07, HBR43B250B/35, HBR43B250B/45, HLN343250B/01, HLN343260B/01, HLN448250B/01, HLN448250B/02


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